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3 simPRO tools you can use to onboard staff faster

16 September, 2019

Onboarding in a busy business can be tricky. You've got the hire with the skills you've been looking for, but they'll need to be introduced to your workflows and processes before diving in.

Or maybe you've brought in a new system for your business and you need to onboard your team.

Whether you're the type to sit everyone down in a room to bring them up to speed or get them out in the field and learning by doing, it's important you have a process.

5 things you can do to avoid losing valuable team members

16 September, 2019

High employee turnover can cost businesses much more than just money. So, what can you do to ensure you don’t lose valuable team members? Creating a positive work culture where your team members can grow, and develop their careers is key in helping your business succeed. In this blog, we take a look at 5 things you can do to improve your business’s retention rates.

4 Ways You Can Offer Employees Professional Development

13 September, 2019

As a business owner, you want your investment in employees to pay off. However, without the right opportunities for progression, you'll quickly find that valuable staff will search for greener pastures.

To avoid your team looking for advancement opportunities elsewhere, we've got two words for you:

Professional development.

Optimise staff learning and development with this checklist

13 September, 2019

So you’ve hired a new staff member. What should you do next?

A comprehensive introduction to your business is a critical piece of the hiring process, especially in a job-seekers market such as the trades industry. The introduction to your company should be comprised of two different sections - induction and onboarding.

Using Business Intelligence Dashboards to better understand your data

4 September, 2019

Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards are a great step up from traditional reporting tools when it comes to visualising and interpreting business data.

Having a clear outlay of information and visual elements makes it notably easier to find blockages or impact points in important workflows like revenue streams, inventory levels, productivity rates and more.

Challenges in switching to cloud-based software: myths vs realities

21 August, 2019

What are some of the top challenges when it comes to adopting cloud-based software? What are the myths? The realities? Before we dive in, let’s take a step back and review what cloud-based software is.

9 ways to use simPRO SMS to improve cash flow and communication

13 August, 2019

Did you know that only 20% of people are willing to answer calls? Or that most business emails have an open rate of lower than 20%?

SMS is, as recently as 2018, still the most preferred method of communication between a business and its customers - it's quick, easy and personable.

How Data Feed is helping simPRO customers cut costs and improve efficiency

12 August, 2019

Like every simPRO customer, Bolt Building does not have time to mess around when it comes to business data.

3 ways field service professionals can keep customers coming back

9 August, 2019

Getting a new customer is a great feeling, but what's even better is having that customer return to you over and over again. Customer retention is key when it comes to growing your business and becoming a trusted resource in your industry.

Enhance your Preventative Maintenance Service Delivery with simPRO

9 August, 2019

Managing a large level of preventative maintenance work can be difficult to achieve without proper planning and oversight.

For businesses looking to handle high-volumes of asset-driven jobs with a range of service levels, simPRO's Maintenance Planner may just be the solution they've been searching for.