How to have a stress-free EOFY

13 May, 2019

Even though we all know tax time is March 31st every year, most of us still end up in a last-minute panic to be organised. So, how can we plan for a Stress-Free End of Financial Year?

4 simPRO Reports that will help tidy up your cash flow and productivity

10 May, 2019

Here's something you should know: if you're chasing success in field services, you need to be looking at your business data.

4 things to consider before implementing a mobile solution in your business

7 May, 2019

Mobile solutions are a significant driver in the service sector and job management technology market. This is due to their ability to take technician knowledge and performance to exciting new levels.

A single source of truth unlocks field service success

17 April, 2019

Data is more than the buzzword it's become in recent years. It's a crucial business tool that professionals cannot afford to gloss over any longer.

Bookkeeper vs Accountant & Payday Filing

Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers (ICNZB)   6 March, 2019

“Do I need a Bookkeeper?” is a question possibly every self-employed tradesman has asked at some point or other and it’s a very good question to consider. How do you decide if you need a Bookkeeper and what are some of the signs?

Are you making the pricing mistake 93% of Plumbers, Electricians and Trades are making?

Tony Fraser-Jones   26 February, 2019

Understanding the difference between Gross Profit and Mark-Up will change the way you price your jobs forever.

5 signs you have outgrown your current job management software

Ricky Sevta   6 February, 2019

The start of the year is a great time to blow away the cobwebs and take a fresh look at the software driving your trade business. Can it handle a busy, growing workload? Or, will it create inefficiencies?

Chaos in Your Office? Four Ways to Get Your Office Under Control in 2019

Tony Fraser-Jones   4 December, 2018

A well organised, efficient office is a key ingredient to running a plumbing business that is both profitable and fun to own. Does your office feel chaotic? Invoices piling up? Slow paying clients? A pile of quotes? Are you reliant on one or two key people who if they moved on would cause you major headaches? Getting your office under control so you can “work on your business” can be broken down into four simple steps.

8 ways to improve job profitability

Madeline Reynolds   9 November, 2018

With the global population climbing ever higher, and technology continuing to advance, the market for trade service businesses is experiencing fantastic levels of growth. As it expands however, many owners and operators in this sector may find their business models unable to keep up, and staff struggling to meet customer demand and expectation.

6 reasons to use SMS for your business

Madeline Reynolds   8 November, 2018

SMS messages are a technological feat not uncommon by any means to the thriving digital world around us. However, with a read rate of nearly 100%, what does sometimes seem lost on trade contracting businesses is the value of this simple service when it comes to improving ease of communication.