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simPRO Update: Stronger Tasks for Project Management

6 September, 2019

The upcoming simPRO release will start rolling out from September 8. The release kicks off a series of improvements to simPRO’s Project Management tools and introduces folder templates to make it easier to maintain a consistent attachment filing structure for jobs, leads, quotes, and recurring invoices.

Kick employee onboarding goals with the right game plan

Andy and Angela Smith   6 September, 2019

Contributed by Andy and Angela Smith, co-founders, Lifestyle Tradie

Onboarding is the process of attracting and retaining exceptional employees. For many trade business owners, the tradie shortage and the urgency in which we typically recruit, results in missing key onboarding steps.

Zapier added to the growing list of simPRO integrations

5 September, 2019

We are excited to announce that simPRO is now available in the Zapier App Directory. You can already choose from a wide range of add ons and integrations to expand on simPRO’s functionality, and through Zapier, you can do even more! You can now connect simPRO to 1,500+ apps including the business tools you use every day, to automate time-consuming repetitive tasks, while eliminating the errors that double handling data can cause.

Using Business Intelligence Dashboards to better understand your data

4 September, 2019

Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards are a great step up from traditional reporting tools when it comes to visualising and interpreting business data.

Having a clear outlay of information and visual elements makes it notably easier to find blockages or impact points in important workflows like revenue streams, inventory levels, productivity rates and more.

Meeting Customer Expectations in the Age of Technology

29 August, 2019

For a field service business to remain competitive in today’s “digital age” it is more important than ever to leverage technology to improve the customer experience. Advancements in technology have led to higher expectations about how and when a product or service is delivered.

simPRO customers that have the security industry locked down

28 August, 2019

The annual NZ Security Awards, hosted by the New Zealand Security Association, was held last week at the Crowne Plaza in Auckland.

Association members, partners, businesses and technicians all came together on the night to recognise the excellence and outstanding service delivery provided by thos...

Data Feed Update: attachment controls, custom fields & more

26 August, 2019

Data Feed 1.1 has arrived. The update provides greater control over attachment uploads, the option to attach emails text to records, support for lead and task custom fields and a number of additional improvements for increased usability.

simPRO Update: Tax rates, Asset tree view & Cetnaj imports

23 August, 2019

The next simPRO update will ease the stress of tax compliance, especially in the USA where tax rate changes happen often. You can now visually see the hierarchy of parent/child assets in a tree view. And Australian data and electrical businesses will be able to start using the Cetnaj automatic catalogue and supplier invoice sync.

Challenges in switching to cloud-based software: myths vs realities

21 August, 2019

What are some of the top challenges when it comes to adopting cloud-based software? What are the myths? The realities? Before we dive in, let’s take a step back and review what cloud-based software is.

How simPRO NZ Teamed Up to work on collaboration and innovation

20 August, 2019

To welcome our new team members (we're now sitting at 24 NZ simPEEPs!), simPRO NZ took some time out last week to work with corporate team building enterprise Team Up to practice cross-functional communication and collaboration.