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simPRO success stories

Thousands of business owners and managers just like you have changed their businesses – and improved their lives – with simPRO. Here are their stories.

Scott Carr Avatar

“simPRO has all the functionalities to run a contracting business, and has improved profitability across our group.”

Scott Carr, Laser Group New Zealand

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Jonny Teat Avatar

“[simPRO] really allows us to get a good snapshot of how the business is going, right now.”

Jonny Teat,
GB Teat

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Andrew Steffert Avatar

“Our work output had increased by 25% but we hadn't increased our staff levels. That proved to us that the efficiency gained from simPRO was huge.”

Andrew Steffert,
Chris Peebles Electrical

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Zachary Lawrence-Sansbury Avatar

“simPRO has evolved with the diversity of our business and ties all our divisions together. It's a central element for every part of our job management.”

Zachary Lawrence-Sansbury,
Armitage Group

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Dale & Andrea Lovell Avatar

“Quotes now take me minutes and our turnover has tripled. Without simPRO, we could not have grown the business to where it is today.”

Dale & Andrea Lovell,
Heron Plumbing

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Mark & Monique Brosnahan Avatar

“Materials were being used on jobs and not being charged. When we realised [simPRO] does everything [we needed], it was a no-brainer.”

Mark & Monique Brosnahan,
Brien Electrical

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Craig & Sarah Bowie Avatar

“You have to have the systems in place. I don't think we could possibly have 25 plumbers on the road and use hand-written job cards.”

Craig & Sarah Bowie,
Laser Plumbing Grey Lynn

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Lindsay Coulter Avatar

“simPRO's integration with Xero and mobility function is invaluable to our business. The efficiency in terms of productivity has made a huge difference to our profitability.”

Lindsay Coulter,
Allied Alarms

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Mark Wilburn Avatar

“simPRO is a one stop product that has everything we needed, for auditing purposes in the fire industry, at the push of the button.”

Mark Wilburn,
RFS Fire & Building Compliance

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Scott Aldridge Avatar

“With simPRO I have clear insights into every aspect of my business. We are delivering better service and growing, knowing the software can grow with us.”

Scott Aldridge,
RED Electrical

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Stephen Frowde Avatar

“simPRO has been phenomenally successful for us. It's made us more profitable without a doubt.”

Stephen Frowde,
Excel Refrigeration

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Damon Odey Avatar

“Being able to see live data and reports means I can see what's happening in the company and make good business decisions.”

Damon Odey,
Parr & Co

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Bruce Dalton Avatar

“An automated job system like simPRO just makes such a difference, and it will grow with our business.”

Bruce Dalton,
Dalton Electrical

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Karl Gaines Avatar

“simPRO has enabled us to turn around quotes, schedule and manage job flow much more efficiently. Our guys tell us they love the tool.”

Karl Gaines,
IQ Security

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Jeff Phillips Avatar

“We can start a quote, turn it into a project, enable retentions, then go back three months later and bill the retentions out. simPRO is a total package.”

Jeff Phillips,
Phillips Electrical

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Ashwin Patel Avatar

“[simPRO] is a cloud-based software and the features have been fantastic compared to other options we have in the market.”

Ashwin Patel,
Apex Air

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Rachel Avatar

“The scheduling module in simPRO is fantastic. We can drop resources, move them around at the click of a button and everyone in the office knows where everyone is, doing what job, when.”

Heat Pump Energy Centre (HPAC)

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Steve Frogley Avatar

“Overall, simPRO has enabled us to invoice directly from the field...we are not waiting for paperwork to come back, it's all in the system.”

Steve Frogley,
Plumbquick and Allied Plumbing

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Michael Howes Avatar

“We save hours every week in administration tasks, allowing us to do more work that we can invoice...My customers love simPRO too as they are able to login [through the simPRO Customer Portal] and book their jobs.”

Michael Howes,
Espresso Ninja

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Russell Bailey Avatar

“I couldn't have grown my business without the help of simPRO.”

Russell Bailey,
Elite Electrical Inspections

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